Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Media reports wrong about first 3-D porn movie

Ever since James Cameron’s 3-D science-fiction epic “Avatar” broke box-office records, media outlets have been writing stories about the first 3-D porn movies to be produced in its wake.
Unfortunately they keep making the same mistake: calling those films the first 3-D porn movies ever. They’re not.
By my count, there have been at least 17 hard-core porn movies filmed in 3-D. I got that number from searching the Internet Adult Film Database and Adult DVD Empire.
IAFD lists the first 3-D porn movie as “Sexcaliber” (1982). There also were some soft-core nudie flicks in 3-D released earlier, including “The Stewardesses” (1969).
This week, Agence France-Presse and TG Daily reported that the world’s first 3-D porn movie was in production in Hong Kong. It’s called “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.” But as I just pointed out, it’s hardly the first 3-D porn movie.

Here's a list of 3-D porn movies released 2001-2010:

Erotek Dimensions 3D (2001)
Teen Beauties in Heat (2003)
The Naked Truth (2003)
Dark Dimension (2003)
FantaDream 3D (2005)
Reach Out and Touch Me (2005)
Screw My Wife Please in 3-D (2007)
I Cream for Teens (2007)
Pinks (2007)
Cummin' At You (2008)
Rack-O-Rama (2008)
MILF Memoirs 3D (2010)
Octopussy 3-D, a XXX parody (2010)
The Virtual Reality Stimulator in 3D (2010)
Pornstar Fantasies 3-D (2010)
Killer Kurves 3-D (2010)
Porno 3D Movies (2010)
This Ain't Avatar XXX (2010)

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Jonathan said...

These are all anaglyph 3D films. I think the article is mentioning the first stereoscopic 3D film. Meaning it will use the shutter glasses rather than the red and blue.

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