Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding a focus for your blog

The best blogs are focused. They cover one topic obsessively. And you always know what to expect when you visit them.
I have yet to find a topic that I’d be willing to write about exclusively. My interests are too varied. But I can’t help to think my efforts would be better spent on something with a bigger payoff. Instead of blogging for my own amusement and as a creative outlet, I could be freelancing or writing a book or doing a blog that’s at least commercially viable.
Tech-media-tainment is still just an experiment for me. (As is my on-again-off-again video blog One Stop Video.) TMT covers entertainment, pop culture, personal technology and media from a man’s perspective. So there’s a little too much emphasis on pretty women, adolescent humor, sports and such.
One blog I like to check out from time to time is One Man’s Blog by John Pozadzides. He writes about whatever tickles his fancy and his blog gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and around half a million page views a month.
Of course, John P. is a seasoned tech executive and entrepreneur. And I’m just an ink-stained wretch in my day job.
Over the last two years, I’ve toyed with doing blogs on everything from cool Web lists to dumb song lyrics.
There are lots of aggregators of interesting Web lists. (I wrote about several of them in May, including Listverse. A new one is Listicles.)
As for dumb song lyrics, I don’t think I’m as current on pop music as I’d need to be for a blog on the subject.
I’ve also thought about doing a blog on fatal animal attacks worldwide. I’m fascinated by cases of lions, tigers and bears jumping out of the woods and randomly killing people. Morbid, I know, but interesting.
And finally there’s no good blog on mancations – vacations for men. I’d like to see a blog about interesting vacations for the guys and not just trips to Las Vegas or golfing on Hilton Head.
A mancation blog is still a possibility for me. But I have so many other interests. Picking one is hard.

Photo: Beautiful view of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, possible site of my next mancation.

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