Monday, August 8, 2011

Good news, bad news for women’s pro sports

The number of women’s professional sports leagues is on the rise. However, you have to be attractive and wear lingerie or bikinis to play.
The success of the Lingerie Football League has spawned the Lingerie Basketball League and the Bikini Basketball League in the U.S. Mostly recently Bikini Basketball Entertainment was announced in Canada.
These leagues are overtly sexist. But as Fox News pointed out “the over-sexualization of female athletes is hardly a new concept.”
Female sports organizations from badminton to beach volleyball have tried to sex up their player’s uniforms.
And the media give inordinate attention to the most attractive female athletes, from tennis player Anna Kournikova to skier Lindsey Vonn.
Bikini Basketball Entertainment is described as a female basketball tour group that combines live events with online pay-per-view. The games “will be NBA style with 4 quarters, and a half time. The basketball nets are will be lowered so that our tall players can dunk the ball, and make it a more action packed game,” the firm’s website says.
BBE hopes to model itself after WWE wrestling and produce a reality television show about the tour games, behind-the-scenes interaction and storylines, organizers say.

Photos: BBE promotional artwork (top), BBE tryout photo (bottom).

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