Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Half of 2011 predictions on TMT proved right

Out of 10 predictions I curated a year ago for 2011, five arguably were correct.
Those predictions said it would be a big year for IPOs, Jennifer Aniston would find love, there would be social unrest over the economy, e-book usage would skyrocket, and people would make a fuss about 11/11/11.
Initial public offerings last year included Groupon, LinkedIn, Pandora, Zynga and Zipcar. Of the other predicted IPOs, Facebook’s IPO was delayed until 2012 and Skype was acquired by Microsoft.
Jennifer Aniston began a serious relationship with actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux in May 2011.
The Occupy Wall Street protest movement started in September 2011 in New York City and spread to other cities nationwide. The protests were against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, corporate greed and government corruption.
E-book usage accelerated with lower-cost e-readers and media tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as Apple’s popular iPad tablet. (See article by Publishers Weekly.)
And yes, numerologists and the general public made a big deal out of Nov. 11, 2011.
A separate list of 10 bold tech industry predictions for 2011 by IBD proved much less accurate. Only one of the 10 predictions was accurate and it was one of the few layups on the list – that Apple would launch an Apple iTunes service in the Internet cloud.

Photo: Jennifer Aniston found love, maybe her “soul mate,” in 2011. Photo from The Superficial.

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