Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Funny TSA graphics, cartoons and photos

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is a target of public scorn and ridicule.
Focusing on the latter, here are some funny illustrations and graphics that make light of the TSA and its policies. (An earlier series of TSA funnies ran on Tech-media-tainment in September 2011.)

A TSA agent is caught playing solitaire on a PC while on the job. (Photo from Fail Blog.)

“You cannot get on an airplane if you have shampoo and toothpaste! When will you people learn?” (Photo from Historic LOLs.)

2012 U.S. Government Terrorist Identification Chart by Gonzoville at Deviant Art.

TSA role-playing by Gary McCoy. (See

If TSA Security Measures Were Even More Invasive. (See

TSA parody T-shirt from Zazzle.

TSA Choice: Molestation or Radiation (Photo illustration from

Airport security cartoon (Photo from

TSA funny from

Altered logo mocks TSA as meaning “Thousands Standing Around.” (Origin unknown.)

Another mock TSA poster featuring Pedobear.

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