Saturday, April 7, 2012

Protesting the TSA through art

Protests against the U.S. Transportation Security Administration take many forms.
There are complaints to the TSA itself and congressmen, of course. But many other upset citizens chose to complain about the practices of the TSA, and even its existence, through comments on Twitter and online news stories.
Artists have a history of criticizing government policies through political cartoons and art exhibitions. Several artists have created art from items confiscated by the TSA.
Sculptor Christopher Locke has created metal spiders made out of scissors confiscated and auctioned off by the TSA. (See articles by Boing Boing and Colossal.)
Also, TSA-confiscated items like a Bambi snow globe and a water pistol are part of the “Guarded” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, according to the Daily Beast. Artists Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin, known collectively as Type A, are responsible for the exhibit.

Photo: Metal spider by Christopher Locke.

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