Monday, June 11, 2012

Tech-media-tainment passes 1 million page views in 3.5 years

Eight months after crossing the milestone of 500,000 page views, Tech-media-tainment today crossed the 1 million mark.
I started Tech-media-tainment three and a half years ago to learn about blogging firsthand and to write about miscellaneous things that interest me. Those topics include entertainment, pop culture, fringe sports and mancations.
One thing I learned was: Sex sells. Duh! The most popular posts on TMT have included coverage of the Lingerie Football League, real-life targets of porn parodies, and sexed-up Disney princesses. says Tech-media-tainment gets about 1,000 daily visitors. If it were a country, TMT would be larger than Vatican City, which has a population of 800.
The web analytics site estimates that TMT uses about $408 a year in electricity to power its Internet servers. Since I pay Google nothing to manage the Blogger website, I’ve got a pretty good deal.
Web information service Alexa says Tech-media-tainment ranks No. 3,332,589 in terms of traffic worldwide.

Photo (top): Screenshot of a male fan groping a Lingerie Football League player’s breast during the Sept. 30, 2011, game between the Seattle Mist and Green Bay Chill.

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