Sunday, July 15, 2012

Litterbugs spoiling beautiful park land

Sometimes when I go for a hike in a nature preserve or regional park, I bring a few plastic bags to pick up trash littering the area. Because there are a lot of litterbugs out there.
Yesterday I filled up three bags of garbage at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McLean, Va., mostly along the Potomac River near a beautiful waterfall. I would have picked up more but I only had three bags.
From experience I know that you find a lot of trash near gorgeous vistas and hiking destinations. Inconsiderate jerks bring their beverages and snacks to such locations and refuse to carry out the empties. They probably think the parks have employees to clean up after them. Or they just don’t feel like hauling out their garbage.
A friend once told me that these folks must think magical maid fairies clean up their messes.
Scott’s Run has some spectacular sights like herons swooping over the Potomac and little toads hopping everywhere along the paths. There are big boulders to climb over or sit on and clear water you can wade in.
But I couldn’t enjoy that yesterday. I was too busy picking up beer cans, plastic Gatorade and water bottles, snack food bags, even a dirty diaper. It was disgusting.
Maybe next time I can better enjoy the nature and landscapes of this wonderful park.

Photo: The waterfall at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McLean, Va.

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