Friday, August 3, 2012

Nostalgia beginning earlier for tech products

With rapid technology advancements and product cycles, people are getting nostalgic for things that are only a few years old.
You can see it in commercials for AT&T U-verse and Konica Minolta printers.
In the AT&T ads, kids tell younger kids about inferior technology they had just a few years back. One girl tells two youngsters about the hassles of watching the Olympics “back in oh-8.”
In the Konica Minolta ads, office workers tell noobies about the primitive office tech they had back in the day.
And pop songs make reference to older technology too.
In “Nothin’ On You” (2010), B.O.B. raps about a Nintendo 64 video game console.
In “Give Me Everything” (2011), Pitbull raps “picture that with a Kodak.”
In “Payphone” (2012), Maroon 5 sings about putting change into a relic called a payphone. Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?
From video game consoles and film cameras to VCRs, Palm Pilots and LP records, people like to wax nostalgic about old, and not so old, technology.

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