Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 fun webpage error messages

Last October, I posted photos of 24 notable webpage error screens, often called 404 error messages.
Since then, I’ve stumbled upon 10 more fun or interesting examples of the art.
Here they are for your enjoyment, starting with CollegeHumor above.
How many of these have you gotten while Web surfing?

James Van Der Beek crying on “Dawson’s Creek” graces the error page for the Huffington Post.

The Rolling Stones put a video of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on their error page. (Photo from Laughing Squid.)

This one from Lego is cute.

Here’s a cheeky 404 error message from Vanity Fair.

The error screen from Lockerz is out of this world.

The Telegraph put a cartoon on its error page.

I like the old typewriter on the Forbes error page.

Conan O’Brien parodies the Twitter Fail Whale for his error page.

And finally here’s a real Twitter error page.

Also check out, these pages from Gizmodo:

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