Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 entertaining websites, including You Had One Job! and Blackboards in Porn

Occasionally I like to spotlight some of the interesting websites I come across in my travels online.
This is one of those times.

You Had One Job! 

“You Had One Job” is an expression used to call attention to blunders made by careless individuals on the job. The website of the same name posts the embarrassing mistakes of those workers.

Blackboards in Porn

Blackboards in Porn celebrates pornographers who go the extra mile when set decorating classroom porn scenes by writing something on the blackboard. This website examines whether what they wrote is correct.

‘Would you rather’ questions features over 41,000 questions that start with ‘Would you rather …” A lot of the questions are morality based. Others provide insights into your personality.
Questions include “Would you rather your daughter had no friends or was a slut?” and “Would you rather be paralyzed from the neck down for the next five years and then fully recover or be in a coma for the next five years and then fully recover?”

Lists of Note

Lists of Note posts interesting lists from famous people including Albert Einstein, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stanley Kubrick. The website is edited by Shaun Usher, who also does Letters of Note.

Letters of Note

Letters of Note publishes letters of historical interest from famous people.

Art Descriptions

Art Descriptions posts artists’ descriptions of their work without showing the actual art. The descriptions are typically pretentious and self-congratulatory.


Nonstartr makes fun of startup business pitches where entrepreneurs describe their companies as a mix of two other companies.

Zombie Dead Blog

Zombie Dead Blog posts screenshots of abandoned blogs from Blogger and elsewhere. Typically these blogs are ones that never really got started, but still exist on the Internet for all to see. The results are quite humorous.

Time Travel Project 

Flora Borsi, a photographer based in Budapest, created a series of pictures called the “Time Travel Project,” where she Photoshops herself into historic photos of famous people. In the pictures, she is taking photos of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and others with a camera phone or digital camera. features humorous photos of flawed English use, mostly in Asia.

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