Tuesday, April 15, 2014

13 fun this-or-that quizzes

One type of Internet meme involves taking information from two wildly different subjects that actually could be confused. The data is presented to readers in this-or-that style quizzes with humorous results.
It’s easier to demonstrate than describe.

Steak House or Gay Bar? 

One website shows the names of business establishments and has visitors guess if each one is a steakhouse or a gay bar. It’s surprisingly difficult to guess because the names are quite similar.
That website is called simply Steak House or Gay Bar.

Prescription Drug or Metal Band? 

Last year, a writer for the Atlantic referred to this sort of word game as a McSweeney’s list. He noted a classic list that noted the similarity between prescription drugs and heavy metal bands.

Ikea Product or Death Metal Band? 

Marketing agency Gatesman+Dave created an online game that compares names of products from Swedish home furnishings chain Ikea with death metal bands. It’s called IKEA or Death.

Train Lyrics Or Thing We Just Made Up? 

The Huffington Post made a quiz that poked fun of song lyrics by the band Train. It challenged readers to decide if a sentence was actual Train lyrics or some nonsense it made up.
See “QUIZ: Train Lyrics Or Thing We Just Made Up?

Jay-Z ‘Magna Carta’ lyric or Miley Cyrus tweet? 

Entertainment Weekly did a funny article comparing lyrics from Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta” album with Miley Cyrus tweets.
See “Jay-Z ‘Magna Carta’ lyric or Miley Cyrus tweet?

Who Said It? Kanye West or Your Creative Director 

A funny website mixes quotes from rapper Kanye West with stereotypical sayings of pompous creative directors.
“They both talk like they’re God’s gift to the Earth, but the lines have gotten so blurred that it’s hard to tell who said what. Until now,” the website says.
See “Who Said It? Kanye West or Your Creative Director.”

Cheese or Font? 

Another classic this-or-that quiz is Cheese or Font?

Web headlines: Real or fake? 

The website Headlines Against Humanity has people guess whether link-bait headlines are real or made up.

Jelly Belly Flavor or Yankee Candle Scent? 

Mental Floss is known to do this-or-that quizzes from time to time.
Jelly Belly Flavor or Yankee Candle Scent?” has readers guess whether delicious-sounding choices are jelly bean flavors or candle scents?

Monty Python Phrase or Ben Franklin Synonym for Drunk? 

This Mental Floss quiz compares Monty Python phrases with Ben Franklin synonyms for drunk.
See “Monty Python Phrase or Ben Franklin Synonym for Drunk?

Yelp Reviews for Chuck E. Cheese or Jail? 

This-or-that quizzes also are popular with TV shows. Comedy Central’s game show “@Midnight” showed panelists some Yelp reviews with a surprisingly challenging question: Were they a reviewing a jail or a Chuck E. Cheese?

Sports Drink or Body Wash? 

CollegeHumor quizzed contestants on whether they could distinguish a sports drink from a body wash by its name.
See “Can You Tell a Sports Drink From A Body Wash?

Tweet or Classic Literature?

On “Conan,” “Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani has Conan O’Brien try to guess whether certain sentences are famous quotes from literature or merely 140-character tweets, according to the Huffington Post. Actually the skit is a parody of this-or-that quizzes.

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