Saturday, June 21, 2014

Women’s pro billiards is pretty bad-ass

Watching someone command a pool table is an impressive skill. When that person happens to be an attractive woman, it’s a twofer for the male sports fan.
The Women’s Professional Billiards Association is full of super-talented ladies, many of whom are knockouts.
Earlier this month, ESPN Classic ran a 25-hour marathon celebrating the 25-year career of the gorgeous Jeanette Lee, aka the Black Widow. (See photo at top.)
I love how women’s pool players have cool nicknames. Another standout is fellow Hall of Famer Ewa Laurance, aka the Striking Viking.
Among the beautiful ranked players in the WPBA, there are Jasmin Ouschan of Austria; Emily Duddy of the U.S.; Jennifer Chen, aka “China Doll,” of Taiwan; Borana Andoni of Albania; Jennifer Barretta of the U.S.; and Xiaoting Pan of China.
Duddy, Andoni and Barretta are members of the Rack Starz promotional team.

Jasmin Ouschan 

Emily Duddy 

Jennifer Chen 

Borana Andoni 

Jennifer Barretta 

Xiaoting Pan 

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