Saturday, July 12, 2014

America hues to its puritanical roots when it comes to nudity

In December, a 19-year-old aspiring porn star was sentenced to 45 days in jail for taking naked photos late at night outside her old high school in Lincoln, Nebraska.
No one was harmed by her actions and the public wasn’t exposed to her rebellious act. But Lancaster County Judge Thomas Fox said the fact that the photo shoot occurred on school property was shocking, according to the Journal Star. So he threw the book at Valerie Dodds, who performs under the name Val Midwest.
It’s another example of America sticking to its puritanical roots and believing that nudity and overt sexuality are evil.
At a bench trial in November, Judge Fox found Dodds guilty of trespassing and public nudity for the May 13 late-night photo shoot. A month later, at her sentencing, Fox had deputies take her away in handcuffs.
Was Dodds a threat to the public? Of course not. She wasn’t some violent criminal, thief or con artist. She was a silly prankster who should have gotten a fine and a warning, not jail time.
Dodds was photographed posing with her breasts exposed outside the school football field, lying nude on the turf and sitting naked on a concrete bench. She posted the photos on the Internet and said on her website it was revenge for students, alumni and teachers of the school who criticized her when she announced her porn career, the Journal Star said.
In March, she decided to drop her appeal in the case, so she could move on with her life, the newspaper reported.
Like Duke University student and porn star Belle Knox, Dodds decided to turn the publicity about the case in her favor on her website. She even scored a cover on Hustler magazine.

Hustler likes to profile sexy women who have been scorned by society.
In March, the cover girl was Olivia Sprauer, who also goes by the name Victoria James. She was forced to resign from her job as a high school English teacher in Florida after the school found out she was a bikini model on the side, the Daily Mail reported.
Then there’s the case of an unnamed teacher at a Christian school in Cincinnati who resigned from her job in December after it was discovered that topless photos of the woman had been put on a “revenge porn” site without her knowledge. The woman, who is married, reported that her iPhone had been stolen. But despite being the victimized party, the school and parents were glad to be rid of her, AVN reported.
How Christian of them.

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