Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall TV season update: ‘iZombie’ shines, new shows fail to impress

Once again, the broadcast networks have delivered an uninspired lineup of new TV shows for the fall season.
I gave four new shows a try this fall after conducting due diligence.
This year’s one-and-done show for me was “Quantico.” The pilot episode was terrible and I couldn’t proceed. It was just too stupid for me to enjoy. And while series lead Priyanka Chopra is beautiful, she is unconvincing as an FBI agent.
“The Muppets” is OK, but needs to be edgier and funnier. After five episodes, I’m not committed to watching any more.
“Blindspot” puts the b in dumb, as I like to say, but it’s fairly entertaining. The acting is sub-par, but there is enough interesting plotting and good action to keep me watching for now. But I probably wouldn’t miss it if I quit.
And finally I gave “Heroes Reborn” a shot. It’s pretty good as a limited-run series. But I doubt I’d keep watching if it gets renewed.
That leaves me with returning shows on my watch list. They are “iZombie,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead.” (I quit watching “Z Nation,” which got tedious.)
Of those returning shows, the standout is “iZombie,” now in its second season on the CW. It’s a dynamite comic book show about a medical examiner who helps solve murders while investigating the tainted drug that turned her and others into brain-eating undead.
“iZombie” is consistently the funniest show on TV. Actress Rose McIver deserves Emmy consideration for her performance as M.E. Olivia “Liv” Moore.
To sustain herself, Moore must eat human brains, but when she does so she takes on the personality of those she consumes. This creates a lot of comic possibilities as Moore eats the brains of a college frat boy, a materialistic socialite, gung-ho basketball coach and others.
Trust me, it’s a hoot.

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