Sunday, March 6, 2016

Technology industry halls of fame

The information technology industry is relatively young but already has several halls of fame.
What follows are halls of fame that honor people and technologies that helped shape the computer industry and related fields.

IT Hall of Fame

Information technology trade industry group CompTIA started the IT Hall of Fame in 2010 to honor the industry’s top business leaders and innovators.
The virtual shrine built on the legacy of an earlier hall of fame established by industry publication CRN. Honorees from the CRN Industry Hall of Fame were grandfathered into CompTIA’s new IT Hall of Fame. They include Bill Gates of Microsoft, William Hewlett and Dave Packard of Hewlett-Packard, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Andy Grove of Intel.

Computer Hall of Fame

The San Diego Computer Museum created the Computer Hall of Fame in the mid-1980s. The museum used to exhibit historic computer equipment, software and manuals, but those items are now in the archives at San Diego State University. The hall of fame is maintained as a virtual shrine online.

Internet Hall of Fame

The Internet Society created the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012. The Internet Hall of Fame is a recognition program and virtual museum that celebrates the history of the Internet and the individuals whose contributions have made the Internet, its worldwide availability and use, and its transformative nature possible.

Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions of the pioneers, visionaries and leaders in the consumer electronics industry. The Consumer Technology Association created the CE Hall of Fame in 2000. Each year a new group of inventors, engineers, business leaders, retailers and journalists are inducted into the CE Hall of Fame, which exists only online.

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame

Since 1998, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has annually inducted into its hall of fame video game developers who have made revolutionary and innovative achievements in the video game and PC game industry.
The latest to be inducted in the AIAS Hall of Fame was Hideo Kojima, creator of the “Metal Gear Solid” game series. He was inducted on Feb. 18 at the 19th annual DICE Awards in Las Vegas.

Robot Hall of Fame

The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, created the Robot Hall of Fame in 2003 to recognize notable robots in science, industry and entertainment. Many of the inductees are enshrined at the Roboworld exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.
Unfortunately the Robot Hall of Fame is struggling financially. It hasn’t inducted a new class of robots since 2012.

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