Monday, November 10, 2008 says 'Yes' to women who say 'No'

Online dating service True has blanketed Yahoo and Google with video ads showing sexy women doing Web chats with presumably horn-dog guys.

In at least a couple of ads the women are seen responding to unseen Romeos by looking at their Webcams and mouthing “No.”

In one video, a model identified as “Summercusp,” described as a 21-year-old who likes poetry and Mediterranean food, looks surprised at a question from her online suitor and says “No” with a flirty smile. Moments later, she gets another chat message, this one apparently more shocking, and she protests with a bigger “No.”

I can only guess what the men are asking these ladies. Maybe: “Do you like comic books?” or “Can my Mom come along on our date?”

Anyway, I’m sure these ads are 100% accurate. The women on True are all gorgeous and do Webcam chats in their underwear.

Dallas-based said in May that it planned to increase its advertising budget by 70% – to $75 million – over the next year. I guess we’ll be seeing more of Summercusp and friends.

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