Saturday, December 20, 2008

22-year-old woman auctions off her virginity

A 22-year-old woman is auctioning off her virginity to help pay for her graduate studies. Cue the outrage.
The woman, using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan for safety reasons, is working with a legal brothel in Nevada to sell her virginity. Bidding through the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nev., has reached $250,000, according to news reports.
Natalie sounds like a pretty enterprising young woman and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that she’ll be branded a whore for her one-night stand.
Religious groups will condemn her actions, while libertarians will applaud it.
The monetary value of her virginity shows how rare and prized it is for adult women. Well, at least for the attractive ones. That’s because so many consenting adults lost their virginity when they were minors.
It also says a lot about the men bidding for such a prize. It shows that they believe that virginity is special and perhaps sacred. Maybe they like the idea that since it’s the woman’s first time, she won’t know if he’s a lousy lover or not.
Dylan, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Ashley Dupré (the high-priced call girl who brought down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer), seems to want almost a “Pretty Woman”-like experience.
Dylan’s profile at the Bunny Ranch Web site says, “Natalie wants her first time to be a combination of a great time with a good connection and a financial agreement the she is happy with.”
In other words, Richard Gere, not Jason Alexander.
She says she won’t necessarily give up her virginity to the highest bidder. She is seeking other qualities from her first lover.
“I’m looking for intelligence and an overall nice person,” she told CBS 13 in Sacramento, Calif. Dylan is a graduate of Sacramento State University. She now hopes to get a master's degree in family and marriage counseling and be a psychologist.
But let’s face it, the money is the main thing here.
“It’s a capitalistic society and I want to capitalize on this,” she said.
Oh, by the way, she says she’s already taken a polygraph test to prove her virginal status, and also is willing to undergo a medical exam.

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