Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dead pool Web site has the nerve to lay odds on assassination for President Barack Obama

While one major celebrity dead pool ( is like a vigil, waiting for the old and the infirm to die, another is more ghoulish (, giving bigger scores to people who can accurately predict the deaths of young public figures.
At, there’s less of an emphasis on senior citizens with cancer and more on young celebs in the fast lane who might die of drug overdoses, high-speed car wrecks or murder.
In the Web site’s dead pool game, scoring is based on 100 minus age, with a minimum of 1 point.
An article at lists “The 100 Most Likely People To Die In 2009.” The author, Mack Rawden, rightfully calls his article a “bulletin of blasphemy.”
At No. 10, he lists our newly minted 44th president, Barack Obama. He puts the chances of seeing his obituary this year at 25%. “Cause: Foul play,” he writes. “Barack Obama has, as a sitting President Of The United States, a nineteen percent chance of dying in office. Four former Presidents have died of natural causes and four have perished by sniper. I wish I could say Barack’s odds of survival were roughly the same as his white predecessors, but there are a lot of stupid, hateful douche bags out there.”
Here’s to hoping he’s dead wrong on that one.
He mentions several celebrities likely to die of overdoses this year: Tom Sizemore (percentage odds of dying this year: 65%), Amy Winehouse (60%), Pete Doherty (50%), Artie Lange (40%), Joaquin Phoenix (10%) and Andy Dick (5%).

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