Saturday, February 7, 2009

At Life Time Fitness, sometimes you’re the show

Health club chain Life Time Fitness must spend a fortune on shower curtains, based on my observations at the company’s Skokie, Ill., facility.
I’ve been a member of LTF since 2004 and a while back I noticed that many of the shower curtains in the men’s locker room had small holes in them.
At first, I naively assumed that the holes were tears in the plastic from normal wear. Then it dawned on me, based on location of the holes (eye level or slightly below), that they were deliberately cut as peep holes. Duh.
When enough of the curtains get holes, LTF has to replace them. They’ve had to do this a lot at my local LTF. For Life Time Fitness, it’s a necessary cost of doing business, I guess.
Any gym is probably going to attract a few pervs.
An Internet search reveals a few other men with similar observations. They’re experiences occurred at a Life Time Fitness in Centreville, Va,; a Gold’s Gym in Austin, Texas; and an unidentified gym in New York City.
Am I bothered by the fact that some guy might be checking me out in the shower?
Not really. As Woody Allen once said in one of his movies, “Can I help it if I turn on both sexes?” (Or something to that effect.)

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