Sunday, February 15, 2009

My wife discovers another woman vying for my affections

Now you’ve gone and done it, Summercusp.
You’ve gotten me in trouble with my wife.
I was sitting at my computer in my home office tonight when my wife walked in. She started to ask me a question, then looked at my computer screen and her eyes widened. “Are you chatting with her?” she asked.
I looked back at my screen, which was displaying my Yahoo e-mail page with one of those ubiquitous ads for online dating service
I barely even notice them even more. This one was a little different however. It was bigger for one thing. It featured the same video of a woman named “Summercusp” waving to her Webcam and laughing at responses from an unseen Romeo.
What probably caught my wife’s eye, other than the well-endowed honey on screen, was the scrolling chat log beneath it. This Flash animation makes it look like you’re actually chatting with Webcam girl.
“No. It’s just an ad. I wasn’t chatting with anyone,” I said.
My wife seemed skeptical.
It’s too bad Yahoo doesn’t have a way to opt out of certain types of ads. It would be better for the users and the advertisers. I wouldn’t be presented with ads that I wouldn’t act on and advertisers would get a more responsive audience. I’d opt out of online dating services (sorry, Summercusp), mortgage refinance and free credit report ads.

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