Friday, April 3, 2009

'Layoff' the game: Now everyone can experience the fun of laying people off

The Great Recession has inspired some humorous online video games.
Tiltfactor Laboratory has created a casual game called “Layoff.” Modeled after puzzle games like Bejeweled, the object of “Layoff” is to line up three or more employees in similar jobs to lay them off. The more workers you pink slip, the more money you save the company. Only the bankers are exempt from firing.
When I played, I saved my company $3.75 billion before I had to hit the bank bailout button.
Each employee you lay off comes with a personal description like “single parent” or “has a daughter and a spouse with cancer.”
Other online games make light of the financial crisis. They include “The Bailout Game” and “Bush’s Billions.”
USA Today published an article on the timely games on March 18.

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