Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Signing up for Twitter to be a more knowledgeable critic

I’ve been mocking Twitter on Tech-media-tainment for some time now. But my experience with the micro-blogging service has been from the outside.
I’ve bookmarked the Twitter pages of colleagues and media organizations and have been reading them for several months. I haven’t found the service all that interesting or useful.
Tonight I signed up for a Twitter account as PatrickSeitz.
As I told my L.A. colleague Brian Deagon via e-mail today, “Twitter to me is useless banter, people posting Web links, conversations that are hard to follow, and information that is scattershot and disorganized.”
I called Twitter a joke and said the service was going to be a perpetual money loser. “Some media company is going to buy it and regret it later,” I wrote.
Deagon said he found Twitter to be a good tool for having information pushed to you that you might not have otherwise seen.
OK, so I’m going to give Twitter a try and maybe I’ll change my mind.
As I mentioned in a post on Monday, there seems to be a lot of dead and unused Twitter accounts on the service. Also, joke accounts. (See photo above of "mypenis" on Twitter.)
When I signed up for the service, Twitter searched my Yahoo Mail contacts for people with Twitter accounts. It found eight based on my stored e-mail addresses. One of my contacts has two Twitter accounts. Another had an inactive account with just two Tweets, both from December 2007. Yet another had one post from February 2008. (“You Tweet, you twit!” it said.) One had no posts at all.
In fact, as I clicked around on the Twitter accounts of friends and friends of friends I discovered an amazing number of accounts with one or no posts. I have a feeling there are numerous such empty accounts on Twitter.
Stay tuned.

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