Friday, June 19, 2009

Goodbye again, Cupid; You’ll be missed

ABC burned off the final episode of its canceled reboot of episodic comedy-romance show “Cupid” this week. It’s a shame so few people watched this terrific TV show.
ABC didn’t give it much of a chance.
Those of us who loved the 2009 “Cupid” as well as the original 1998-99 “Cupid” are left to wonder about the central mystery of the show: Is the lead character really the Roman god of love or just a nut-case matchmaker?
Maybe it says something about the times we live in when a show about romance and love can’t survive on network television where violent crime dramas thrive.
“Cupid” was the creation of Rob Thomas, who also was behind the highly-regarded “Veronica Mars.”
I’m still waiting for the original “Cupid,” starring Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, to show up on DVD or be available for digital download. According to Wikipedia, 15 episodes were filmed and all but one aired. The new “Cupid” lasted just seven episodes.
If only the “Cupid” remake had aired on some cable channel like Lifetime where low network ratings would be considered huge.

Photos: Original “Cupid” (top) and the new “Cupid.”

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