Friday, June 26, 2009

My Twitter ‘followers’ are trying to sell me stuff

I’ve got 41 followers of my Twitter posts. But most of them aren’t interested in what I have to say. They're trying to sell me something.
I’ve got “followers” who are pitching TV on PC services, as well as stock-picking and other get-rich-quick schemes.
Recently I’ve attracted three new “followers” who write the exact same things. Click on their Twitter accounts and you’ll see them promoting an adult dating service called One Night Date Link, which has the slogan “Hookup Tonight In Your Area For A ‘No Strings’ Encounter.”
To make these Twitter accounts look “real” and not completely commercial, Alyvia Deicher, Chloe Mohan and Lorene Iggie (almost certainly fake names and photos) write comments like “just awoke from the best nap ever” or “pool time gotta work on my tan.” Then they get back to business: “kind of horny might look at adultmyspace for some fun.”
They all write the same damn things. That’s lazy marketing, fellas. The least you could do is have one say they’re feeling “really horny” or “super horny” instead of “kind of horny.” You guys aren’t even trying.

Twitter follower “Chloe Mohan” and the adult dating service she’s promoting

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