Monday, August 31, 2009

Decorating your home without books

If electronic book readers like’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader are the beginning of the end for paper books, it will have a big impact on how people decorate their living rooms, dens and home offices in the future.
Lots of people have bookshelves lined with hardcover and soft cover books in their homes. They look great and give homes a stately, intellectual feel. Homeowners can boast “Look at all the books I’ve read,” without saying a word.
But in the future, with books more readily available in digital form, having a ton of bound books might seem archaic.
So what are home decorators going to do without books to fill shelves in studies and other rooms?
Maybe the transition to digital books will be a boon for the knick-knack industry. People are going to want to fill those shelves with something. How about ceramic chickens? My sister in Indiana has a bunch.
The above photo shows the cover of the book “House Beautiful: Decorating with Books” (2006) by Marie Proeller Hueston. The book’s subject already seems dated.
As fellow blogger Laura Heller at Tech Bacon noted earlier this year, “Decorating with Books” is for sale at with a bit of irony.
Below an image of the book’s cover on the product page is a note to shoppers to tell the publisher: “I’d like to read this book on Kindle.” Click on the link and your request for a “Kindle Edition” of the book is passed along to the publisher.
Like that's gonna happen.

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