Friday, August 28, 2009

More suggested Mac OS X names for Apple

The other day I suggested that Apple might be running out of names for its Mac OS X software releases. I was wrong.
Apple, which likes to name its Mac OS X editions after nature’s big cats, still has lots of names to choose from, I’ve discovered.
Here are five more possibles:

Cowardly Lion – The beloved character from “The Wizard of Oz” wasn’t really cowardly. He had courage in him all along. The better to combat Internet threats like viruses, hackers, spyware and other malware.

Mr. Bigglesworth – Dr. Evil’s cat from the “Austin Powers” movies. When you’re going for world domination – even with software – you need a loyal sidekick.

Demi Moore – The world’s best known “cougar.” She’s married to Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior. At 33, Apple is still trying to hook up with young people.

Tigger – Winnie the Pooh’s friend with the springy tail and bouncy personality. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is a member of Disney's board of directors. Maybe he can secure the licensing rights.

Hobbes – The faithful buddy to young Calvin in the popular “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip. Just 'cause he's awesome.

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