Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrate the first National Robotics Week with some cool robot lists

In honor of the first National Robotics Week, here are some fun robot lists, both real and fictional.

5 robots we should deploy right now (Popular Mechanics, Feb. 2010)

The 13 most legendary robots from film (The Huffington Post, April 2010)

Best movie robots (Rotten Tomatoes, June 2009)

10 sexy robots that fry our circuits (Asylum, Sept. 2009)

The Wild World of Robots infographic (Geeks Are Sexy, Feb. 2010)

National Robotics Week runs April 10-18. Its goal is to recognize robotics technology as a pillar of 21st century American innovation and to highlight its growing importance in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, national defense and security, agriculture and transportation.
National Robotics Week was created by an alliance of companies, universities and organizations with a stake in robotics.

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