Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More fun lists: Wal-Mart to Girl Scout cookies

Continuing my review of fun web lists, here are several related to business and commerce.

11 things Wal-Mart has banned (Mental Floss, Sept. 17, 2009)

The 10 retired Girl Scout cookies fans miss most (Divine Caroline, March 18, 2010)

America’s 9 biggest rip-offs (, Feb. 2, 2010)

6 inventors who got jack shit for changing the modern world (, Nov. 19, 2009)

9 great moments in false advertising (Minyanville, Nov. 19, 2009)

The most popular Christmas toys, by year, since 1960 (Geek In Heels, Nov. 4, 2009)

Photo of Megan Fox from the Superficial goes with the Wal-Mart list.

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