Sunday, May 23, 2010

‘Lost’ art found

In honor of the series finale tonight of ABC’s drama “Lost,” here are some links to interesting fan art inspired by the show.
My favorite is a retro-style movie poster about central character John Locke by British designer Olly Moss. (See top photo.)
Another poster featuring Locke by artist Ty Mattson also is very cool. (Second photo from top.)
I enjoyed these Saul Bass-inspired posters of “Lost” from Hexagonall, too. (Third photo.)
Check out these “Lost”-themed tarot cards by Alex Griendling. (Fourth photo)
What would “Lost” look like as a comic book or animated series? A series of drawings by Michael Myers provides a good idea. (Fifth photo.)
Or take a look at the interactive graphic done by the National Post’s Steve Murray.
Great work by all.

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