Monday, June 7, 2010

Taiwanese spammers invade blog comments

Tech-media-tainment is huge in Taiwan, judging from the location of people posting comments on the site.
Since March, I’ve had about a dozen posts in the comments section of the blog that are written in Chinese and link to adult websites in Taiwan. I’ve since deleted them.
As much as I’d love to have people commenting on my articles, these comments are nothing but unwanted commercial advertisements. So they had to go.
I checked out who owns the domain names for the various sites and most belong to the same company in Taipei – Avshow. The company posted links to six of its websites in the comments area of my blog. All were created this year and registered through They include sites like, and (“Mei mei” means girlfriend in Chinese.)
Two other adult websites that have spammed the comments section of Tech-media-tainment were registered through to Sool Suum of Taipei.
So as much as these businesses want to love me long time, I have to turn them down.

Photo: Screenshot of Taiwanese adult website, one of several services spamming the comments section on Tech-media-tainment.

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