Monday, July 19, 2010

Cablevision claims Jennifer Love Hewitt worked as a prostitute

A new documentary details how actress Jennifer Love Hewitt worked as a prostitute, according to Cablevision.
That’s right – the star of “Party of Five” and “Ghost Whisperer” had sex with men for money, according to the cable TV company. The 31-year-old beauty worked in a massage parlor where prostitution was rampant, the company reports.
I know this because Cablevision’s online guide says a movie starring Hewitt as a prostitute is a “documentary.” (See screenshot below.) The movie, “The Client List,” airs tonight on the Lifetime channel.
Cablevision couldn’t be wrong. Could they?
Maybe I shouldn’t trust everything I read online.

Photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt from The Superficial.

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