Monday, July 12, 2010

I have zero friends … on Facebook, that is

I get a kick out of having zero friends on Facebook.
I like the way my profile on the social networking website says “0 friends.” I think that’s funny in this age of people “friending” everyone from family members to total strangers.
Admittedly I was late to the Facebook party and only use my account as a placeholder. I keep very little personal information on the site. My profile photo is a Simpsons cartoon of me.
I’ve never promoted the fact that I have a Facebook account.
My only activity is to “like” my favorite websites like GeekTyrant and The Superficial.
I currently have 19 requests from people wanting to be my friend. Only two are actually my friends.
I have no intention of friending any of them. Because I like having “0 friends” way too much.

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