Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Health group sues McDonald’s; Restaurant chain responds with: 'Burgers Rule!'

It practically never happens in the newspaper business. But with online news, different rules apply.
Yahoo ran an Associated Press story today about a health group suing McDonald’s to stop the restaurant chain from marketing to children. Alongside the reader comments to the story was a bright red McDonald’s ad blaring “Burgers Rule.” The ad showed a video of hungry patrons gobbling hamburgers and encouraged viewers to “See more big, bold, beefy truths” on its website.
In the newspaper business, editors work to ensure that ads do not run near stories about those advertisers. They want to avoid conflicts of interest and upsetting ad buyers. In the online world, computers place ads next to stories on the same subjects automatically.
So anyone who was hungry while reading the McDonald’s lawsuit story got a suggestion to eat a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. Yum!

Photos: McDonald’s ad referenced above (top); screenshot of Yahoo news page (click for larger view).

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