Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog readers like Lingerie Football clothing malfunctions, funny porn lists

Tech-media-tainment continued to be a catch-all blog for posts on pop culture, entertainment, technology and news media. But a few topics resonated way more with readers than others in 2010.
Far and away the most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment is wardrobe malfunctions in the Lingerie Football League. TMT has become the Web’s leading curator of LFL nip slips and butt flashes. (See photos above and below.)
Mom would not be proud.
The second most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment is porn. My posts have included lists of porn movies based on public figures or real-life events and the funniest porn parody movie titles, but no actual pornography. This site is safe for work.
Once again, sorry, Mom.
The third most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment in the past year was cats, an Internet staple. In this case, it was my tongue-in-cheek articles on the top cat names Apple hasn’t used yet for its Mac OS X software releases.
Tech-media-tainment hosted about 32,000 visitors in 2010 and served up more than 65,000 page views. The biggest single day was Dec. 4 with 1,245 page views.
What follows is a list of the 20 most popular posts on Tech-media-tainment in 2010, as ranked by unique visits by Google Analytics.

Top 20 posts on Tech-media-tainment in 2010:
  1. Lingerie Football nip slips and bare asses – a.k.a. wardrobe malfunctions (Oct. 28, 2010)
  2. First Lingerie Football League game gives fans a wardrobe malfunction (Sept. 5, 2009)
  3. Lingerie Football wardrobe malfunctions just part of the game (Sept. 16, 2010)
  4. Curating Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos (Nov. 21, 2010)
  5. Top 20 porn movies based on real-life events or public figures, such as Tiger Woods, Sarah Palin (June 3, 2010)
  6. My scene with porn star Raven Alexis (Jan. 11, 2010)
  7. Top 10 cat names Apple hasn’t used yet for its Mac software (Aug. 26, 2009)
  8. Top 25 best porn parody movie titles (April 29, 2010)
  9. Horny artists like to sex up Disney, fairy tale art (Dec. 20, 2009)
  10. Top 30 funniest Christmas porn movie titles (Dec. 7, 2010)
  11. Microsoft meets ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (Nov. 22, 2009)
  12. Top 10 Mac OS X names Apple hasn’t used yet (Oct. 20, 2010)
  13. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 another winner; Airs Nov. 30 on CBS (Nov. 11, 2010)
  14. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by Annie Leibovitz (Oct. 13, 2010)
  15. ‘The 800-pound gorilla in the room’ is probably more like 400 pounds (Sept. 11, 2009)
  16. Sugar Stacks: Graphically shows you how much sugar you eat (Aug. 29, 2009)
  17. I Am Bored: A collection of funny, weird and amazing photos and videos (Nov. 14, 2009)
  18. Top 10 oddest professional sports (Oct. 3, 2010)
  19. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: People are laughing at you (Sept. 3, 2009)
  20. Arizona ‘mancation’: Part 1 – Desert drive and the Bagdad copper mine (March 29, 2010)


Seattle Mist quarterback Laurel Creel almost gets tackled by her bra in an Oct. 22, 2010, Lingerie Football League game against the San Diego Seduction. (Photo by Nathan Rupert.)

In the Sept. 24, 2010, LFL game between the Orlando Fantasy and Tampa Breeze, Orlando quarterback Veronica Moor slipped a nip, but was wearing a pasty. (Photo via Very Special Girls blog.)

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