Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two years on Twitter

I signed up for Twitter two years ago Friday.
Since then I’ve posted 2,128 tweets, most of them retweets of interesting news articles.
I haven’t posted many standalone comments on my observations and thoughts. Mostly I’ve just used Twitter as a news feed and to publicize my professional and blog writings.
I recently spent some time sorting through all those tweets looking for representative samples of my standalone comments over the last two years. What follows is a few of them organized by subject.

First tweet

Signing up with Twitter to see what all the fuss is about. (April 22, 2009)

Family observations

Embarrassing parent moment: my kids, 5 and 7, in the car singing along with Rihanna’s song “S&M.” (March 26, 2011)

What song will Enrique Iglesias be singing when he’s old and fat?: “Tonight I’m Loving Food” - joke my son, 7, came up with. (March 18, 2011)

My preschool daughter needed words starting with “i” for school today. She came up with ice cream, iguana, iPhone and iPod. (Nov. 16, 2010)

Watching the Notre Dame football game Sat., I asked my Dad if the ND leprechaun had a name. He suggested Tony. Where’s his sitcom deal? (Oct. 12, 2010)

Just got back from taking my daughter, 4, to the Disney On Ice princess show in Bridgeport, CT. Good father-daughter bonding event. (Jan. 1, 2010)

My son Christopher, 6: “I wish I was Santa Claus.” Why? “Because then I’d only have to work one day a year.” (Dec. 20, 2009)

Daughter is princess. Son is a Star Wars Clone Trooper. For Halloween, of course. (Oct. 31, 2009)

At son’s insistence, tonight watched “Star Wars: Ep. 1: The Phantom Menace.” It was as bad as I remembered. Of course, my son, 6, liked it. (July 6, 2009)

Father’s Day: Watched Empire Strikes Back with my son. Bonded over Darth Vader’s “Let’s rule the universe as father and son” bit. (June 21, 2009)

Instant TV reviews

Fox drama “House” has really gotten bad. The last three episodes have been terrible. (March 11, 2011)

Just watched Ebert Presents. It was terrible. 2 steps back from Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott’s At The Movies. Big disappointment. (Jan. 21, 2011)

Just watched last episode of At the Movies. Will miss @atthemoviestv. Hope Michael Phillips @phillipstribune and A.O. Scott return to TV. (Aug. 15, 2010)

Just finished watching episodes 2 and 3 of AMC’s Rubicon. The show is developing too slowly. Not keeping my interest. I’m out. (Aug. 14, 2010)

FlashForward finale leaves viewers hanging. Good final episode. But I wish there were more to come. (May 27, 2010)

Awesome season finales for “The Vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural” tonight. Great Shows. (May 14, 2010)

Terrific show “Dollhouse” ended its two-season run tonight on Fox with satisfying finale. Can’t wait for Joss Whedon’s next project. (Jan. 29, 2010)

Instant movie reviews

Big Netflix movie recommendation fail. Netflix thought I’d give “Easy A” 4.1 stars out of 5. But it was terrible. I’d give it a 1. (Feb. 19, 2011)

Netflix predicted that I’d give Shutter Island 3.5 stars out of 5. Wrong, I gave it 2. Usually Netflix predictions are pretty good though. (Oct. 17, 2010)

Why did so many critics give Disney’s Oceans documentary a pass? It was pretty bad. Terrible narration and script. Too dull for kids. (April 24, 2010)

Disney’s Oceans, a meandering, focus-less nature doc with somnolescent narration, looks terrible compared with Discovery’s Life series. (April 24, 2010)

Saw The Princess and the Frog with kids. I liked it a lot. My daughter (4) also liked it. Son (6) hated it. (Dec. 19, 2009)

Pop culture references

Phil Collins quitting music due to health problems. Report talks about Collins haters, but I’ve always been a fan. (March 6, 2011)

Just stopped by the pharmacy to renew my prescription for the drug Charlie Sheen. (March 1, 2011)

I’m so ashamed. To get through a tough level of the Angry Birds video game, I bought the Mighty Eagle for $1. I’m such a cheat. (Feb. 27, 2011)

On my flight today Asian flight attendant announced the in-flight movie as The So-show Network. It took me a few moments to decipher. (Jan. 4, 2011)

The comic strip “Annie” ends on a down note. I guess no one wanted to adopt an 86-year-old red-haired orphan with soulless eyes. (June 12, 2010)

Funniest comment on Politico about Al Gore divorce: Either Al came out (finally) or they had a fight over the thermostat. (June 1, 2010)

How many reporters does it take to cover Apple’s iPhone 4 launch? 14 for AP story and 14 for Reuters story. $AAPL (June 26, 2010)

Mo’Nique won an Oscar tonight to make up for the Academy’s oversight of her great performance in Beerfest. (March 7, 2010)

Some old rock band at the Super Bowl just did a cover of that CSI theme song. (Feb. 7, 2010)

Lamest complaint about Apple iPad name: For people with Boston accent, iPad and iPod sound the same. (Jan. 29, 2010)

EW writers need to rent the complete series “Threshold” on Netflix. It’s incredible. Not, as they say, one of TV’s 50 biggest bombs ever. (Jan. 24, 2010)

Entertainment Weekly is nuts. Lists “Threshold,” one of the best sci-fi shows (2005) of the decade, among TV’s 50 biggest bombs ever. (Jan. 24, 2010)

Just watched Taylor Swift perform “Love Story” live at Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show press conference. Fun. (Jan. 6, 2010)

Twitter today changed its prompt question from “What are you doing?” to “What’s happening?” Too long. Should use “sup?” (Nov. 19, 2009)

“The human brain is the only computer made out of meat” – science-fiction writer David Gerrold. Great quote. (Nov. 11, 2009)

I’m dreading the U.S. remake of Swedish vampire thriller “Let the Right One In.” (Nov. 3, 2009)

Note to Jay Z – you aren’t the new Sinatra. (Nov. 1, 2009)

The 2016 Olympics in Brazil are going to be a blast – literally. IOC should have picked Chicago. Rio is too unsafe. (Oct. 17, 2009)

DJ Tiesto putting on a great show at Park Ave. Armory in NYC now until about 11. Microsoft sponsored event. (Oct. 6, 2009)

For years Michael Jackson was “Wacko Jacko” or just “Jacko” in headlines. Now he’s “M.J.”? No way. That nickname is only for Michael Jordan. (July 7, 2009)

Connecticut happenings

The potholes on Main Street in New Canaan, CT, are terrible! (Feb. 8, 2011)

New Canaan, CT, setting for “The Ice Storm,” survived this year’s big ice storm. Only thing missing was the swinger party. (Feb. 2, 2011)

Another foot of snow overnight in New Canaan, CT. Schools canceled again. I’m so sick of winter. Ready to move south. (Jan. 27, 2011)

15 inches of snow overnight in New Canaan, CT. More on the way. (Jan. 12, 2011)

Power is out at my home in New Canaan, CT. Second time in a week. Way too common an occurrence here. (Oct. 31, 2010)

At the first Hartford Colonials UFL game. Connecticut’s new pro football team is kicking serious butt. (Sept. 18, 2010)

Two major power outages in four months. Does God hate Connecticut? (July 21, 2010)

Just plucked a big tick walking across my daughter’s cheek. Connecticut ticks. Yuck! (July 5, 2010)

I’ve had it with all the ticks in New Canaan, CT. Do we live near the Hell mouth or something? (May 14, 2010)

Started my day in New Canaan, CT, with some wild turkey. Not the bourbon. But a big tom turkey walking in my backyard. (April 20, 2010)

My son had a tick bite this a.m. I’ve plucked two other ticks off clothes this spring in New Canaan, CT. Connecticut is tick central. (April 12, 2010)

56% of New Canaan, Conn., homes still without power three nights later. At this rate we’ll all have electricity by June. (March 15, 2010)

Connecticut Light & Power reports that 60% of its customers in New Canaan are without power. Terrible storm last night. (March 14, 2010)

The sound of New Canaan, CT, in the fall: Non-stop leaf blowers. (Nov. 19, 2009)


The answer to airport security is not frisking grandmas. It’s profiling. Sorry, liberals. I’ve been saying the same thing since 9/11. (Nov. 21, 2010)

Fool me once, Dollar Rent a Car, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never again for real this time! (June 13, 2010)

Last year at this time I said I’d never use Dollar Rent a Car again after a bad experience at LAX outlet. But got suckered by cheap rate. (June 13, 2010)

40 minutes waiting for the Dollar shuttle bus at LAX. Now a huge line at the service desk. And only 3 clerks on duty. (June 13, 2010)

Dollar Rent a Car sucks! Shame on me for using them at LAX. They’re the cheapest for a reason. The WORST service. (June 13, 2010)

Called out of the boarding gate line by TSA for a body search. Probably thought I had another can of shaving cream on me. (June 1, 2009)

Just stopped by ORD airport security for having an oversized (regular) can of shaving cream in carry-on. Had to throw it out. Hate flying. (June 1, 2009)

Business complaints

I went to Best Buy tonight looking for 3 specific items to buy. They had none of them. Went home and bought them online instead. (Dec. 19, 2010)

SoundHound finally recognizes the song “Hold It Against Me.” It was released Jan. 11, but as recently as Feb. 16 iPhone app couldn’t ID it. (March 1, 2011)

A big F U to Cablevision for screwing viewers out of the Oscar telecast. Your business model is outdated. (March 7, 2010)

Shame on Cablevision and Disney for letting their dispute get this far. They should have been in binding arbitration months ago. (March 7, 2010)

Employee at Best Buy store in Norwalk, CT: “You know why they call it Dynex? Because it ‘dies next.’” Dynex is a Best Buy-owned brand. (Aug. 21, 2009)

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