Monday, June 6, 2011

Man Tripping: Best website devoted to mancations

I have yet to find the perfect website devoted to man vacations, a.k.a. mancations.
My ideal mancation website would offer a combination of once-in-a-lifetime trips with more realistic extended weekend outings. It would include lots of choices for mancations, organized by themes, such as sports, the great outdoors, thrill-seeking and geeky pursuits.
It also would pull together resources from others, including links to mancation stories in the mainstream press and a wiki that users could help write.
I’ve only found a handful of mancation resource websites. The best is Man Tripping, subtitled “Mancations and Guys Weekends,” by James Hills of Elgin, Ill. You can find some good ideas for mancations among the many posts on the site. (Examples: Oktoberfest in Munich, the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience, South Dakota’s Black Hills Buffalo Roundup and a even Cleveland mancation.)
Man Tripping could be better organized, however. It would be great to have an index page listing mancation ideas, instead of having to dig through blog posts under the categories from pull-down menus. Plus, how about organizing mancation ideas by region, especially in the U.S.? Also, a calendar of upcoming festivals and events would be nice for planning purposes.
But Man Tripping does a good job of getting you thinking about types of mancations. And that Black Hills Buffalo Roundup sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Photo courtesy of Custer State Park.

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