Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My ‘Googlegangers’ are a cool, diverse bunch

Anyone who’s ever Googled their name has come across their “Googlegangers.” They’re people you don’t know who share the same name as you.
They may not be evil twins, or doppelgangers, but they certainly detract from your uniqueness.
I’m friends with 29 Patrick Seitzes on Facebook, which counts 53 Patrick Seitzes among its members (although a few of those are duplicate accounts). LinkedIn has 10 Patrick Seitzes.
Judging from photos and interests of my Patrick Seitz friends on Facebook, we’re a pretty cool bunch of guys. Many are interested in manly sports like motorcycle racing, downhill skiing and rifle shooting and have enthusiasm for sports cars, hot women and good beer.
I thought it would be fun to survey all the Patrick Seitzes I could find to see if we have much in common.
I composed a survey using Survey Monkey and e-mailed it to more than 50 Patrick Seitzes worldwide about a week ago. Unfortunately just seven responded. I guess we Patrick Seitzes are a pretty private bunch or don’t like surveys. I thought the survey questions were pretty innocuous, but oh well.
Here are the results:

Birth place and current residence

Two Patrick Seitzes are from the German homeland – one from Bavaria and the other from the state of Baden-Württemberg, both in southern Germany – and currently live there.
Another Patrick Seitz was born in Switzerland, but currently lives in the U.S.
The other four Patrick Seitzes are from the U.S. and currently live in California, Connecticut and Minnesota.


With an Irish first name and German last name, I figured most respondents would be 50-50 Irish-German like me.
Two out of seven are and another said he is Irish, German, French Canadian and Ojibwe (or Chippewa) Native American.
Of the rest, two said they are 100% German; one is 100% Swiss; and one is 50% German and 50% Hispanic.

Religious affiliation

Three were raised Catholic, but only one still practices the religion. Two are Protestant. One is an atheist and another reports no religion. That means that just three out of seven currently have a religious affiliation.


Three Patrick Seitzes are engineers. The rest identify themselves as small business owner, human resources worker, journalist and voiceover actor.


Movies and cars are the most popular hobbies for men named Patrick Seitz, according to my unscientific survey. Four respondents listed movies among their hobbies and three said cars.
Two Patrick Seitzes identified “partying” as a hobby. Two listed video games.
Three listed sports as pastimes. One said, “Golfing, fishing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hockey and too many more.”

Favorite food and drink

Red meat and Italian food are clear favorites among men named Patrick Seitz.
Asked to name their favorite food, two said simply “steak” and one wrote “really well cooked Filet mignon. (med-rare, truffle butter).”
Pizza, pasta and “Italian” were responses from the four others.
When it comes to favorite beverages, three are cola drinkers (“Pepsi,” “Coca-Cola” and “Diet Coke with Lime.”), two prefer beer and one each for wine and “vodka, soda, lemon.”

Up next: Do men named Patrick Seitz have a standard ideal for beauty? Find out as I ask them to pick the most beautiful woman in the world.

Photos: Pictures of Patrick Seitzes in action worldwide. Source: Facebook.

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