Friday, July 22, 2011

Lingerie Basketball League tips off

It had to happen. The success of the Lingerie Football League, where attractive women play tackle football in their skivvies, has spawned imitators.
First up is the Lingerie Basketball League, which has the slogan “Where beauty meets the hardwood.”
The LBL is hosting two exhibition games on Saturday afternoon at Venice Beach in Venice, Calif. It will feature the L.A. Beauties vs. L.A. Glam, followed by L.A. Starlets vs. L.A. Divas. The regular season kicks off July 29 and runs for six weeks, followed by a championship game.
Los Angeles certainly has no shortage of beautiful women seeking attention. So the LBL probably didn’t have any problems fielding four teams.
It’s interesting how the player stats online include bust, waist and hip measurements in addition to height and weight. Maybe they’ll add stats for points, rebounds and assists during the season.
The LBL isn’t to be confused with the Bikini Basketball League, which has the slogan “Excellence or bust.”
The BBL was announced in February. In March, organizers said the Bikini Basketball League would start its first season in “summer 2011” with six teams, located in New York, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, California and Indiana.
“Games will feature attractive, bikini-clad females playing 2-on-2, half-court basketball,” a press release said. Judging from a video posted by the BBL in April, the emphasis is on jiggling breasts and rears, not basketball skills. (See below.)
What’s next? Lingerie baseball, lingerie soccer and lingerie hockey?


LBL player Briana Blair at the league's draft party in June.

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