Sunday, September 11, 2011

LFL nip slips a thing of the past

Sorry, perverts, the ladies of the Lingerie Football League are on to you.
In the early days of the sport, there were occasional nipple slips from ill-fitting lingerie uniforms. Now the uniforms seem a little snugger and players have taken the extra precaution of wearing pasties or even tape on their nipples.
I guess that’s progress.
Check out the anecdotal photographic evidence here. (Click photos for larger view.)
In the top photo, Minnesota Valkyrie running back Leekplay Paye flashes some yellow nipple tape in a game on Aug. 26. (See MTV's Clutch Blog.)
And in the LFL’s All Fantasy Game on July 30, a defender shows some pink nipple tape. (Photo by Dave Gruggen.)
The LFL is now in its third season and seems to be fairly successful as fringe sports go. It still isn’t treated as a sport by the mainstream media, but it’s developing a fan base.


Col.Kurtz said...

I caught the game this past Friday. It was nice that they are showing the game live, and in full length rather than the condensed 30minute version last year. Much more eye candy with the full length game and slo-mo.

When the girl's bottom got pulled down I was suprised they actually showed a great shot of it in slow motion.

Here is how it was shown:

Here's hoping they don't start getting all conservative. It's basic cable, a butt shot is not in violation of the FCC.

Patrick Seitz said...

Thanks for the heads up.