Saturday, September 10, 2011

LFL wardrobe malfunctions continue

Lingerie Football League games are starting to look like those old Coppertone ads with the exposed rear ends.
LFL fans have posted several shots recently of LFL players being tackled by the seat of their pants. And, by pants, I mean booty shorts.
Grabbing a player’s panties is a popular way of tackling in this women’s football league as I’ve previously noted.
On Friday, Philadelphia Passion running back Marirose Roach inadvertently mooned the crowd when a Tampa Breeze defender grabbed her bikini bottom. LFL viewer Josh Diaz posted an image of the moment on Twitter. (See top photo.)
Italian-language blog Very Special Girls also covered the wardrobe fail.
On Aug. 26, Green Bay Chill quarterback Anne Erler slipped a Minnesota Valkyrie tackler who pulled down her panties during a 47-yard touchdown run. Very Special Girls spotted that incident. (See second photo.)
At Lingerie Bowl VIII on Feb. 6, 2011, Marirose Roach of the Philadelphia Passion tried to tackle Los Angeles Temptation quarterback Ashley Salerno Coppertone-style. (See bottom photo by Steve Marcus of the Las Vegas Sun.)

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