Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cute cats sleeping in weird places

Editor’s note: Journalism today is all about page views. And with Tech-media-tainment approaching 1 million page views, we’re pulling out all the stops to reach that milestone. On Tuesday, we ran yet another article on wardrobe malfunctions in the women’s Lingerie Football League. Today, cute cat photos! So there you go. Full disclosure.

Here are two photos that I had hoped to post to LOLcats with funny captions. But I couldn’t think of anything clever.
They are photos of my beautiful, but lazy, cats Leah and Sherpa.
Leah passed away about three years ago. The top photo is Leah sleeping in a baby stroller. She was a retired show cat and breeder when we adopted her. Her official name was Shaolimar’s Leading Lady. Leah was a Himalayan-Persian mix.
The bottom photo is Sherpa sleeping in the bathroom sink. Sherpa is a Himalayan cat, so he likes to stay cool.
Aren’t they adorable?

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