Monday, December 3, 2012

Best uncensored Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos

Update (Feb. 19, 2015):
My collection of LFL wardrobe malfunction photos has been moved to a Soup website called LFL Wardrobe Malfunctions. Natch.

How’s that for an SEO headline?
You can find the best uncensored Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos at my new Tumblr blog titled LFL Wardrobe Malfunctions. Clever name, huh?
Under pressure from Google, I censored many of the LFL wardrobe malfunction photos on Tech-media-tainment that I hadn’t already censored. (Butt shots mostly.)
I can understand Google’s misgivings about placing ads next to photos of LFL players slipping a nip or flashing some moon. So I gave in to their requests for modesty on the Blogger platform.
But Tumblr has no problem with partial nudity. In fact, Tumblr seems to have no concerns about all-out pornography. That’s kind of surprising for a blogging platform that wants to build a successful business. I’d say Tumblr has a serious porn problem that it will need to deal with at some point.
But compared to that filth, my collection of LFL sports photos showing the absurdity of the league’s uniforms is downright innocent.

Photo: A player with the San Diego Seduction fixes a wedgie during a game against the Dallas Desire on Oct. 16, 2009. Photo by Nathan Rupert, Flickr user San Diego Shooter.

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