Monday, August 5, 2013

Funny knockoff products, gimmicky athletic shoes and other neat business lists

Beat the summer doldrums with some interesting business lists curated from around the Internet.

11 geeky and gimmicky shoes, from Reebok Pump to Nike Air Mag. (CNet; Sept. 10, 2011)
This list could have included Converse “React Juice” shoes, KangaROOS, Reebok EasyTones and Skechers Shape-Ups. (See also Top 10 Gimmicky Shoes at The latest gimmicky shoe has to be the Adidas Springblade

16 epic product fails. (Huffington Post; Sept. 28, 2012)
New Coke, Microsoft’s Windows Vista and Netflix’s Qwikster make the list. 

15 awesome knockoffs. (Huffington Post; May 9, 2013)
I especially liked the “Breaking Bad” video cover that used photos from Bryan Cranston’s earlier TV series “Malcolm in the Middle.” (See cover photo up top.) The fake Apple iPhone also is pretty funny. (See photo below.) 

15 brilliantly featherbrained pieces of Angry Birds merchandise. (Business Pundit; June 6, 2013)

13 things that seem like scams but are actually really great. (Business Insider; June 11, 2013)

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