Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Setlist.fm is a great website for prepping for rock or pop music concerts

Before I go to a rock or pop music concert, I like to check out what songs the artist or band performed at recent shows so I know what to expect.
Setlist.fm, owned by Live Nation Entertainment, is the best website I’ve seen for collecting music artist set lists or play lists. I’ve even posted my own setlist record from recent concerts by Rihanna and Kesha (or, as she stylizes it, Ke$ha).
The song listings on Setlist.fm even link to videos, so you can preview music that you’re not familiar with.
For example, at a recent show, Kesha previewed a great new song called “Machine Gun Love.” Setlist.fm provided a link to a YouTube video of a live performance of the song.

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