Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sourcing photos: Sexy women edition

One of my biggest pet peeves is when websites fail to provide attribution for photos.
Content aggregation websites are notorious for grabbing photos online and not saying where they came from.
Many times I’d like to know more information about a photo, such as when and where it was taken, who’s pictured and what exactly is going on.
It’s good online etiquette to provide credit where credit is due. And, while there are fair use applications, copyright issues also come into play.
Lately on Yahoo websites, I’ve seen ads featuring photos of sexy women with the caption “Google Banned This Video! This Shocking Video Went Viral In Days.” I don’t know what product they’re pushing because I haven’t clicked on the ads. (Update: the advertiser is Money Map Press.)
But I wondered where the ad makers got their photos of busty young ladies out having a good time. So I did a Google reverse image search on photos from two of the ads.
One of the photos was easy to identify. It’s of English actress-model Helen Flanagan in the back seat of a car in February 2012. The photos are credited to Splash News Online, according to the Daily Mail. (See two photos at top.)
I wonder if she or the photographer knows it’s being used in an advert, as the Brits say.
The other photo is still somewhat of a mystery. I found a version of it dating back to April 2008. That website appears to credit photographer Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter, which makes sense because he takes a lot of wild nightclub and party pictures. But I can’t find confirmation of that.
Over the years, this particular photo has been used on dozens of websites, usually in collections of pictures of hot women.
Anybody have any info on that photo?

Photos: Top two show English actress-model Helen Flanagan; bottom two show an unidentified woman from an unknown photographer.

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