Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow White art with a humorist twist

I recently posted examples of sexy Snow White art and cosplay. Here I’d like to show some examples of artists putting a humorist twist on the public domain character.
For instance, artists have had fun with the logo on Apple laptop computers by adding decals showing Snow White holding the bitten apple. (See photo above.) Some versions are clearly Walt Disney’s depiction of Snow White. Others make Snow White a hipster with glasses, put her in a bikini or make her a zombie.
Some unknown artist created this picture of Snow White snorting some white stuff.

CartoonGirls on DeviantArt posted this version of Snow White as a dominatrix.

Snow White is known to have a connection with nature and animals. Artist Marcelo Trom., aka Celaoxxx, depicts her au naturel, with animals covering her modesty in this humorous illustration.

Instead of ingesting a poison apple, some artists show Snow White drinking presumably alcoholic apple juice.
Artist Matt Johnson has Snow White hitting the sauce at The Bad Apple English Pub. (Check out the art on his website and Etsy page.)

Artist Lana Bijuk hit a similar theme with her illustration “High on Apples.”

This next illustration could have gone in my sexy Snow White art compilation, but it struck me more as humorous.
It’s an illustration of Snow White getting goosed by a swan. Artist Joe Pekar did it as a cover for the comic book “Grimm Fairy Tales,” No. 36.

Speaking of sexy and funny, check out this mash-up art of Snow White and Pinocchio. Snow is thumbs up for that lying Pinocchio’s growing nose. It’s the work of Eddie Holly.

Italian artist Michele Moricci depicted Snow White acting like slutty pop singer Miley Cyrus with her foam No. 1 finger. It was part of a series for Cosmopolitan showing Disney princesses dressing and behaving like Cyrus. (Moricci got coverage for her work in the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.)

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian dressed up as Snow White a few years back and an artist superimposed a PG-13 photo of her in the G-rated Disney cartoon. The resulting image was posted on

Another artist Photoshopped Marilyn Monroe’s head onto the body of a woman dressed as Snow White. The result is a fascinating “what if?” movie casting idea. The artwork was done by Noor Amierah bt Ghazali of Malaysia.

I love this next illustration by Otto Schmidt of Moscow. It shows a playful Snow White replacing the evil queen’s magic mirror. (Check out his Facebook page and website.)

And finally, here’s a funny illustration called “Whitey” by Russian artist Lora Zombie. It shows a young Snow White or girl playing dress up who has enslaved a bunch of forest animals. (See more of her art on her website.)

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