Saturday, March 29, 2014

Virtual reality in movies and TV shows

Virtual reality is hot again thanks to Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of Oculus VR and plans by Sony and Microsoft to make virtual reality goggles for their video game systems.
Until now, virtual reality has been the stuff of science fiction.
What follows is a list of some memorable depictions of virtual reality technology in sci-fi movies and TV shows.


In “Tron” (1982) and its sequel “Tron Legacy” (2010), people are transported into a computer game world.

The Lawnmower Man 

In “The Lawnmower Man” (1992), a scientist conducts experiments on a human subject with drugs and virtual reality technology with frightening results.


In “Disclosure” (1994), a character played by Michael Douglas dons virtual reality goggles to enter a virtual data file vault to retrieve information.


In the short-lived Fox TV series “VR.5” (1995), actress Lori Singer played a computer hobbyist who interacted with other people in an advanced type of virtual reality.


In “Existenz” (1999), director David Cronenberg explores what happens when the lines between virtual reality and reality become blurred.

The Matrix 

In “The Matrix” (1999) and its two sequels, humans unknowingly are kept in suspended animation and live in a virtual world.

Harsh Realm 

“Harsh Realm” (1999-2000) is a short-lived Fox TV series about humans trapped inside a virtual reality simulation.

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