Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 plotlines left unresolved now that ‘Almost Human’ is canceled

Now that Fox has canceled its sci-fi cop show “Almost Human,” there are a lot of unresolved story lines. Fans of the show may never get answers.
Fox canned the J.J. Abrams-produced drama after one short season of 13 episodes. The show starred Karl Urban as Detective John Kennex and Michael Ealy as his android partner Dorian. It takes place in 2048.
Here are five unanswered questions from the show:

1. What were the circumstances behind the botched raid that almost killed Kennex? 

In the pilot episode, Kennex nearly dies in an ambush that kills his team. He is badly injured, in a coma for 17 months, and gets a cybernetic prosthetic leg.
Kennex eventually learns that his ex-girlfriend Anna was involved in the ambush. We never see Anna, except in flashbacks, and so we don’t learn about her role with the bad guys, a criminal organization called InSyndicate.
The audience also never learns the source of the leak that tipped off the gang to the police raid.

2. What was on the other side of “the Wall”? 

The show mentions a lawless area on the other side of a massive wall that divides the city. We never learn about why “the Wall” was built and what’s on the other side. Whatever is there it scares the protagonists.

3. Who implanted false memories into Dorian and for what reason? 

Police technician Rudy Lom discovers hidden memories implanted in Dorian. We never find out who put them there and why?
4. What was Dorian’s creator up to? 

In the episode “Unbound,” Dr. Nigel Vaughn (John Larroquette) activates a deadly XRN combat android named Danica (Gina Carano). She goes on a rampage, but it turns out to be misdirection by Vaughn, who created the DRN androids including Dorian. At the end of the episode, he escapes over the Wall with a case of stolen “synthetic soul” android processors. What was he up to?

5. Would Kennex ever hook up with Detective Valerie Stahl? 

The show teased romantic interest between Kennex and Stahl (Minka Kelly), but they never became a couple. Was that ever going to happen? And was Minka going to take her clothes off? If that’s what the story called for, of course.


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