Tuesday, May 27, 2014

‘Revolution’ ends on major cliffhanger

I was disappointed when NBC recently canceled its world-without-electricity sci-fi drama “Revolution” after just two seasons. The series was one of my favorite shows.
“Revolution” ended its short run on a major cliffhanger that likely will go unresolved. We might never find out what the nano technology that caused the global blackout has in store next for the human race.
In the final minutes of the series finale last week, the invisible nano computer network plays God. It builds an army of followers by appearing as loved ones to select people. It tells those people to travel to the town of Bradbury, Idaho, now located in a region of the former United States called the Wasteland.
Starting with an ice cream shop with a creepy clown logo, it turns on the electricity in the town, welcoming hundreds of misguided followers. Then, fade to black.
There’s always a chance that another network could resurrect the series. But unlike “The Killing,” a show resurrected by Netflix, “Revolution” looks costly to produce.
The good news for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction on TV is that there are more series on the theme coming. I’ll cover that in a follow-up post.

Photos: Stills from the final episode of “Revolution” called “Declaration of Independence” and a sexy photo of “Revolution” co-star Tracy Spiridakos. 


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